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    Write an article about your business, put together some information about your service for divers or write a whole story about your dive center – whatever you like for promoting your scuba business. Same as you would do on your own blog or website. If you like, you can add your full address and contact number – and important: Don’t forget the url of your website, so we can link to your website.
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    Add at least one picture! Remember that one picture says more than 1000 words ;) better you add two or three pictures.
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    FAQ – Frequently asked questions

    1. How long should my article (my post) should be?
      Not too short but also not too long – it is up to you.
      Your article should provide all necessary information and should be easy to read for everyone.
      If you want to tell a long story instead of just telling the facts of your business – that is great, as long as it is entertaining…
    2. Can I write more than one article to promote my business?
      Yes, you can. We accept also more than one article, as long as it is different from your previous one. You can tell a different story about your scuba diving every month and add nice fotos, so your potential customers can better see, why they should dive with you (or why they should buy your wetsuit).
    3. Why there is a promotion fee?
      We have a lot of experience in internet publishing business since 1996, so already since more than 20 years.
      If we charge a fee for the publishing (even it is a small amount), you and we take everything much more serious: You think about twice, what you really want to publish, we don’t get any spam and a lot of repeating, same postings and our visitors get some good quality information.
    4. Some more question?
      Please use our contact form, we will respond as soon as possible.